Saturday, 28 of November of 2015

The Amazingly quick birth

I just returned from an amazing birth, I got a call from a panicked dad telling me to meet them at the hospital as soon as I could because his wife was in strong labor and they were speeding to the hospital. I ran to the back, grabbed my clothes, gear and birth ball and jumped in the car headed for Scripps hospital. The hospital is about 21 miles from home for me and I have to admit I was going a little faster than I should, but it is a good thing I did because when I arrived the nurses told me the mom was pushing and to hurry!

I raced down the hallway with my bag and my giant ball and when I pushed open the door, the Doctor looked at me and said with a smile, “I don’t think you will need that ball”.  I dropped all of my things in the corner and rushed to the mothers side. She was amazingly quiet and seemed very focused. I held her hand, rubbed her arm and then a large contraction hit and I told her to push! She was an amazing pusher and her sweet baby was down nice and low so we could see her beautiful light brown hair when mom was pushing. After that push, I offered the mother water, and tried to get her to relax and breathe slowly while she waited for the next contraction.

The next contraction was 5 minutes later and she pushed with all her might and a beautiful molded head popped out. The doctor checked for the cord around her neck, suctioned her nose and mouth and then told the mom to push gently so the body could come out. The baby was quickly put on the mother’s stomach and wiped vigorously by the nurse, while the mom was trying to catch her breath.

Meanwhile, the dad had a huge smile on his face and was beaming at his strong wife. Because it was such a whirlwind birth, the mom did not have much to say as she was processing what just happened in her mind. She was also a little sore and had to have a few stitches to repair a small tear.

Dad and baby went to the bassinet, had the newborn procedures done and found out the baby was over 8lbs. The nurse brought the baby back and she practiced breastfeeding while waiting to move to her postpartum visit.

It was approximately 9:40 when I arrived and the beautiful baby girl was born at 9:48, I came home a little after midnight. I left the hospital with a wonderful warm feeling and a smile on my face, I am very lucky to have such an incredible job!

Welcome to the brand new Enlightened Birthing website

I know how wonderful birth can be with caring support, reassurance and education. After I had my first child I knew that my calling was in the Birth field. Helping woman and their partners understand all the choices they have during labor, delivery and postpartum care is one of my goals. I believe in the power of knowledge and prenatal preparation in enhancing the birth experience for all of those involved.

Being a Birth Doula my primary goal is to help the mother listen to her body and her baby and work with them so she can achieve her desired birth experience. Having the right support is key in making the mother feel safe to “let go” and experience the power birth and a strong bond with her baby.